This program helps low-income families receive free clothing. While many agencies distribute clothing, very few will serve anyone that asks. Generally clothes that are distributed through other agencies are not free, and the clothes are most often used. One of the unusual aspects of this program is that the majority of clothes given away are new.

A unique feature of this program is that it is a partnership between three different agencies; the Downtown Ecumenical Service Council (DESC), Dignity-U-Wear, and Presbyterian Social Ministries ...

In 2012, the Clothing Ministry served 6,129 adults and 2,771 children, and a total of 5,625 households. In addition to the Clothing Ministry from which we directly distribute, we also give clothing to other agencies. This includes St John's County to help them start a clothing program, several pregnancy programs (e.g. Pregnancy Center, St Gerard House, etc), and we have shipped clothing to Haiti. All told, in 2012 the Clothing Ministry gave away 242,578 articles of clothing.

Grow your faith with our experienced and time-tested approach to mission work. We are not only creative, but also efficient with your time and money.

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