St Augustine Presbytery Newsletter Mention

By Teri Ketchum | Monday, April 1, 2019

Presbyterian Social Ministries (PSM) received a mention in the St Augustine Presbytery April Connection newsletter:

PSM began sending children's clothes to the Philippines back in 2017. Our partnership began with our bookkeeper who is from there. She knew of the many needs back home, the surplus we have here, and put them together for a natural fit. This was the start of PSM having an international mission alongside the local one. We were invited to visit, received a gracious gift from a donor who funded the trip, and off we went! We also partnered with Dress A Girld Around the World, a project in which womed take ordinary pillow cases and create beautiful dresses for girls. We shipped 12 large boxes of clothing and filled our spare suitcases to bring many more with us. We shared clothing, food, and prayers with each family. Presbyterian Social Ministries is not directly affiliated with the presbytery, but it was founded by Ruling Elder Dave Tuttle, who recently retired as CEO. The organization is currently housed at Murray Hill Presbyterian Church. Pictured is Teri Ketchum, CEO.


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